Cape Aloe

Latin Name: Aloe ferox
Common Name: Cape aloe or bitter aloe
Family: lily family (Liliaceae)
Origin: South Africa
Flowers & foliage: Succulent shrub can grow to 6 – 10 feet high when mature. Its blooms are red or orange and appear from late winter to early spring.
Uses: The Cape aloe is used in containers, planters or rock gardens and it tolerates heat and drought
Wildlife: Its nectar attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
Soil: It needs well drained soil
Water: Requires deep but infrequent watering.
Sun: It tolerates partly shaded to partly sunny locations.
Pests & Diseases:  
Notes: The Cape aloe has been used as a livestock food, and in the past as a treatment for stomach ailments and skin healing.



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