Distillation Arts

The Chumash Kitchen Special Offering!
Distillation Arts and Essential Oils

with herbalists Jeanette Acosta and Violet Cavanaugh
Saturday, December 2, 9 AM to 1:30 PM


Join teachers Jeanette Acosta and Violet Cavanaugh as they lead a unique experience in harvesting and distilling essential oils. The class will consist of a lecture and hands-on practice working with a copper still. Attendees will take home a sample of the luxurious lotion created onsite and scented with the distilled essential oil. Leave with a new appreciation and understanding of essential oils, and the earth to beauty-counter cycle. A light lunch is provided.

Pre-registry is REQUIRED for this offering. 

 This class is offering a sliding scale payment option of $88-$120 per participant. 

Distillation Arts – select what is comfortable and affordable

jeanette-acostaJeanette Acosta
learned herbology and ethnobotany from her indigenous family. She learned about plants that grow locally, and which ones are relevant to traditional and everyday way of life as well as ethical wildcrafting. Jeanette is a certified teacher/teacher trainer and designer of permaculture principles, and specializes in maritime culture, herbalism, ethnobotany, and biodynamic principles. In her work, she emphasizes humankind’s symbiotic relationship between earth and sky. Moreover, she is a spiritual counselor, a certified Kundalini Research Institute professional and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher/teacher trainer. She studies and teaches yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Her experience dealing with international business people, world diplomats, heads of states, renowned artists/celebrities, and politicians gives her a unique perspective on various cultures and customs.

IMAG2004Violet Sage Cavanaugh, is an indigenous woman and co-chair of the Northern Chumash Tribe. Born in Avila Beach, a great granddaughter of Chumash Vaquero, Antonio Lopez of Lopez Canyon, Violet has deep roots in the San Luis Obispo area.  An expert in several areas, her specialty is in herbal skin care, salves, essential oil blending, wild harvesting and making high end all natural bath and body spa products. Incorporating the modern science in combination with ancient teaching, Violet, follows the teachings of her elders and legends and has created her own unique signature of products.
She has consulted in local politics for more than 20 years, working with the county, city, and Coastal Commission to protect the environment. Her background in religion, politics, and activism gives Violet a unique understanding and acceptance in diverse groups. Violet calls it an obligation to speak for those plants and animals who have no voice, and because of her background and interests and open honest communication style, learning is fun, social and focused on creating a legacy of her culture through the students. Violet says “What we have we share, it’s a gift and obligation, people won’t protect what people don’t understand. Everyone is welcome.”