Matilija Poppy

Romneya coulteri by Ron KindigRomneya coulteri by Ron KindigRomneya coulteri: Commonly known as the Matilija poppy, this is in the poppy family (Papaveraceae). Native to California, it can be seen in beds ‘A’ and ‘L’ in the Preview Garden. This shrubby perennial grows 6 to 8 feet in height and spreads by rhizomes. It has huge white flowers to 9 inches with gold stamens in the center from late spring to summer or through the fall with additional water. It has grayish green leaves on thick stems. The Matilija poppy is used for erosion control on slopes, as a background, on roadsides and as an accent. It tolerates many soils but prefers well drained. It requires little or none to moderate amounts of water. Less water controls its growth. It should be planted in full sun and cut nearly to the ground in late fall. Matilija poppy is found in rocky soils near dry washes, along gullies and in canyons in California. It is invasive and should be planted away from less vigorous plants.

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