Fire Safe Garden

Firesafe Grading by Eve VigilWhen complete, the Fire Safe Garden, situated on a 1-1/3rd acre hillside located between the existing Oak Glen Pavilion and Preview Garden, will provide a working model of landscape design principles aimed specifically at protecting life and property from the devastating effects of wildfire.

The Fire Safe Garden interpretive area at the base of the hill along the walkway will be an integrated, fire-safe structure. This central structure will demonstrate the importance of fire-wise building construction methods and also shows the relationship between a building and the surrounding landscaping. The four firescaping zones will be arranged in a series of concentric rings, with the structure at the center. The structure will house interpretive information on fire safety.

The Fire Safe Garden has been sponsored by grants from the San Luis Obispo Community Fire Safe Council, the Miossi Trust and the Morro Bay Natural Estuary Program.

Interpretive signage by Ron Kindig.