Rock Rose ‘Sunset’

Cistus sp. 'Sunset' by Ron Kindig Cistus sp. 'Sunset' by Ron Kindig Cistus sp. ‘Sunset’: commonly known as the rock rose, this is in the rockrose family (Cistaceae). This evergreen shrub is native to the Mediterranean Basin and can be seen in bed ‘A’ in the Preview Garden. It grows to 2 feet high and from 3 to eight feet wide. It has deep rose-pink 2 inch flowers with a yellow center from the spring to early summer. It has dull green textured leaves. It is used for a ground cover and on slopes and is fire resistive. The rock rose tolerates poor soil but it should be well drained. It requires little to moderate amounts of water. Over watering can lead to an early demise. It should be planted in full sun and should be pruned to remove older growth and can be sheared to control its shape. It usually lasts from four to seven years before looking rank and needing replacement. It is hardy to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

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