Our Sustainable Buildings

Combining beauty and conservation!

Sustainable: A system that does not use up resources faster than they can be replaced.

Our Oak Glen Pavilion and Administration Building combine beauty and energy conservation. Wonderful architecture and bright interiors draw children and adults to well-informed speakers, entertainment, meetings of regional groups, and weddings.

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Our building uses little energy. In 2003, America’s buildings were using 70% of the total electricity consumed and 36% of the total energy produced. Our building is designed to provide 85% of its own heating and 95% of its own cooling without consuming any energy. Our building is build to LEED Gold Certification standards thanks to the help of local collage students from Cal Poly University and Cuesta Community College.

It does this by using:

  • Large double-paned windows on south-facing walls to allow in light and winter sun for heat.
  • Roof overhangs to shade windows from summer sun.
  • Rice straw bales in walls and other insulation in walls and ceilings to slow temperature change.
  • Thick stucco walls, water tanks, and concrete floors to slow temperature change.
  • Clerestory windows atop the Oak Glen Pavilion to provide light and air circulation.
  • Solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and provide most electrical needs.


Our buildings also have many other features:

The Oak Glen Pavilion offers a place for meetings,
entertainment, and indoor dining.
A commercial kitchen provides for food preparation
for Garden events, classes and rentals.


Eve’s Garden Shop features gardening books
and other treasures for the home and garden.
A reference library provides valuable resource
books and other media.


And recycling is everywhere!

  • Wood trim comes from Oregon cherry brining vats.
  • Floor tiles, library shelving, counters, cabinets, and concrete all contain recycled materials.
  • Roof rainwater is used to irrigate the landscape.
  • Our wastewater treatment facility recycles all wastewater and helps irrigate the park.

So on your next visit to the Garden be sure to stop in and enjoy the Oak Glen Pavilion and Eve’s Garden Shop!

Interested in renting the building? Click here for more information

Written and photos by Ron Kindig, 3/23/2012