Wine & Weeds!

Special Guest – Melany Vorass
Wednesday Wine and Weeds Walk!
Edible Weeds/Urban Foraging
Wednesday, July 12 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM

Whether they’re terrorizing your lawn and garden or growing free in the wilderness, weeds are a free source of super nutritional food available for the picking. Why fight your weeds when you can eat them instead! Join our “weed walk” at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden and learn how to identify and gather some of the most common edible weeds and wild foods available in the city.


This hands-on workshop includes discussion on gathering ethics, local rules and regulations, safety, and general information about how to cook with weeds. Attendees receive a handy take-home brochure with field identification information and cooking tips.

Enjoy a glass of Halter Ranch Wine as we wander through the garden discussing and tasting edible weeds!

Class and a glass of wine is $10 for members/$15 non-members.
Buy your tickets at the door!

For more information contact or 805.541.1400x 303.

Melany VorassMelany Vorass Herrera studied ethnobotany at Evergreen State College and holds a degree in environmental policy. For well over 20 years, her public policy work focused on such subjects as storm water, hazardous waste, solid waste, cleanup and the Endangered Species Act. She retired to pursue writing and plants. She and her husband keep a small urban farm (bees, goats and chickens and a giant garden) in the heart of Seattle. Melany is the author of The Front Yard Forager.