Jon Young

Cultural Mentoring Stories with Jon Young
Weekend with author, master tracker, cultural mentor and storyteller 

Saturday-Sunday, February 25-26 from 10 AM to 4 PM

“…One of the heroes of the new nature movement.” – Richard Louv, The Nature Principle

In partnership with Village Video, Jon has launched “The 512 Cultural Elements Project.” The group is creating 20-minute audio podcasts and videos telling the story of each of these Cultural Elements. During our SLO event, Jon will illuminate a selection of the cultural element and their relationship to health-filled community, nature, and people. Come be a part of this historic project-in-the-making!

Jon Young 2$90 for both days. Buy your tickets at
or scholarships or questions, please contact Marie at or 805.440.7443

About Jon Young:
For the last 26 years, Jon has been mentoring folks in the nearly lost art of understanding bird and animal language. Just as science is beginning to see the credibility in this ancient skill, Jon has been leading communities world-wide to get these skills back through lectures, workshops, media—but mostly through training and mentoring.

Since his early boyhood in the 1960s, Jon was raised first with elders from his family who fed his interest in nature and mentored him early in the ways of fishing, hunting, catching wild animals, caring for wild pets, using field guides and listening to the birds for their messages.What-The-Robin-knows-Jon-Young

Upon this foundation, Jon built a deep understanding of the language of nature through his mentoring with now famous tracker and author Tom Brown, Jr. These two had a fateful meeting on a street corner over a really large snapping turtle. The year was 1971, 7 years before Tom wrote his first book, The Tracker. Seeing Jon’s keen interest in nature, Tom took it upon himself to mentor Jon in a lineage of tracking, bird language, survival and nature connection skills that few today have had the opportunity to experience. These are the ancient and powerful skills of the hunter-gatherer nomadic ancestors.