SLO Botanical Garden

Green Buildings

Our Sustainable Building

Our main buildings are built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification standards thanks to the help of local college students and professors. The design provides for 85% of heating and 95% of cooling needs without consuming any energy. All water used in the building is reclaimed via tertiary grey water reclamation process.


  • Double-pane windows on south-facing walls allow in light and winter sun for heat.
  • Rice straw bales insulation in walls and ceilings slow temperature change.
  • Thick stucco walls, water tanks, and concrete floors slow temperature change.
  • Clerestory windows atop the Pavilion to provide light and air circulation.
  • Solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and provide most electrical needs. 
  • Roof overhangs to shade windows from summer sun.