Honoring and preserving our connection with nature

Chumash Garden

Chumash Garden – “The People’s Place of Roots”

Our mission is to honor and preserve our connection with nature – including our connection with native land and culture.

Our goal is to complete the creation of an ethnobotanical garden that highlights medicinal, edible, and ritual uses of native plants of importance to the Chumash who have inhabited land on the Central Coast for 10,000 years. The 2-acre space we are restoring emphasizes the importance of the indigenous culture. We are fortunate to be working with members of the ytt Northern Chumash Tribe who have provided us with a plant list as well as interpretive information as to their usage. We hope to be the first to provide the SLO community with a unique garden that emphasizes the importance of indigenous cultures and showcase California native plants with medicinal, edible, and sustainable purposes.

The design and implementation have been carried out with the support of undergraduate students from CalPoly, the ytt Northern Chumash tribe, collaborative non-profits,  as well as advice from plant nurseries and other professionals. The project is made possible with support from PG&E.

The significance of this project is to provide SLOBG and the community with a new educational garden that celebrates local space, indigenous cultures, and traditional uses of native plants, that tend and use these plants


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