Honoring and preserving our connection with nature


Display Garden

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Our two-acre Display Garden is a great place to see the exquisite plant life of the five major Mediterranean climate zones of the world which include California, central coastal Chile, the western Cape Province of South Africa, parts of Western and South Australia, and the Mediterranean Basin. Plants from these regions have adapted to the dry summers, and are more drought tolerant and conserve water.

People's Place of Roots - Chumash Heritage Garden

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Just beyond the Children’s Garden, set within a circle of towering trees is the People’s Place of Roots.  When fully planted, this will feature plants  of historic and cultural significance to the Chumash who have inhabited this part of California for more than 10,000 years.  Read More

Children's Garden

The Children’s Garden is a fun and safe place for kids of all ages to learn, explore and grow with friends and family. Filled with beautiful as well as edible and useful plants, this garden was built to work with nature to conserve water and help plants grow. With a goal of “education through exploration,” visiting children of all ages will discover fun ways to interact and explore the natural environment.

Fire Safe Garden

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The Fire Safe Garden, situated on a 1-acre hillside located between the Gift Shop and Display Garden, provides a working model of landscape design principles aimed specifically at protecting property from wildfire.

Discovery Trail

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This walking adventure is over a mile long. Colorful interpretive signs lead you on a discovery of local animals, flowers, volcanoes, and spectacular views. Visit the Human Sundial and enjoy sweeping vistas from hilltop benches.

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